NHS Counseling/Student Services Department

We would like to welcome you to our Student Support Services and Counseling Department at Norwich High School. We are here to support and guide your child as they prepare for life beyond high school.

We welcome collaboration with you and please reach out to us via email or by phone to set up an appointment.

Student Services Google Classrooms- Resources for students and parents

The school counselors have created grade level Google classrooms for all students with helpful information regarding college applications, career searches, scholarships, etc.

Parents- here are the student class codes for each grade level:

  • 9th grade- 7ts4hvx  

  • 10th grade- f5sraqp

  • 11th grade- rib6iwb

  • 12th grade- c4c77pw

Parent Guide to Monitor Student School Work:

Parent Portal:  this website shows interim grades, report card grades, attendance, student schedule and discipline records.  To sign up, request a sign up  link be sent to your email and follow the “SchoolTool- Parent Portal Guide that is posted on the district website:

Parent Portal Guide

Google Classroom: Parents can sign up for weekly emails that include classroom announcements, upcoming assignments, and work that their child may owe.  To sign up for this, have one of your child’s teachers invite you via email.  Once you accept the invite for one class, you will get information from all of your child’s classes. More explanation is found in the link below:

Google Classroom Guide


School Counselor

Tracy Maynard

Students A - F

Ph: 334-1600 ext. 1839


School Counselor

Richard Fornito

Students G - O

Ph: 607-334-1600 ext. 1639


Social Worker

Kelly Collins-Colosi

Ph: 607-334-1600 ext. 1237


School Psychologist

Donna Stanistreet

Ph: 607-334-1600 ext. 1638


Records Clerk/Student Services Secretary

Dorothy Beardslee

Ph: 607-334-1600 ext. 1039