Board of Education

The Board of Education of the Norwich City School District consists of seven unpaid members elected to three-year terms of office by residents of the District. Within rules, laws and regulations set down by state and federal governments, the Board of Education functions as a legislative body responsible for governing education within the District. The Board meets once monthly at the Norwich City School District Offices located at 89 Midland Drive, Norwich, New York. 

District residents are welcome to attend both the regular and special Board of Education meetings. Depending on circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic, meetings may be held in person, online via Zoom, or both. Zoom links will be provided prior to each meeting on the NCSD website, on this BOE webpage (below) and our social media. 

School Board Members 2022-2023

  • President: Christopher Olds

  • Vice President: Brian Reid 

  • Brian Burton

  • Roz DeRensis 

  • Kiernan Hamilton 

  • Debra Phelps 

  • Clyde Birch, Jr.

Board Goals

BOE Goals for 2021-2022

District Goals

  1. Community Connection:

    1. Develop a K-12 Career Curriculum

    2. Implement a Tier 1 social emotional learning curriculum

    3. Develop a process to explore new elective choices at the middle and high school

  2. Instructional Excellence:

    1. Promote Collective Efficacy

    2. Train all staff in the following: UDL, MTSS, and PLC

  3. Career & Life Readiness:

    1. Positively connect with all families at least one time per month

    2. Site Based Team will partner with the Chamber to audit current community partnerships in Norwich and develop a plan for continuous growth for collaboration.

    3. Implement Apptegy and Thrillshare to communicate with all stakeholders.

  4. Innovation and Growth:

    1. Investigate the Impact of purposeful and scheduling including collaborative time.

    2. Foster authentic learning experiences in the classroom.

    3. Promote a growth mindset.

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