Who Do I See?

1) Q: Do you have academic, college/career, and/or personal/social concerns?

A: See your counselor.

2) Q: What if a student needs tutoring?

A: See your classroom teacher - Students and/or parents inquiring about peer tutors need to be referred directly to the student's classroom teacher. The classroom teacher will find a student who excels in the subject matter and is willing to tutor another student. The coordination of the “tutoring” will be done through the classroom teacher.

Your school counselor will also have a list of times when National Honor Society students are available to tutor for specific subjects.

3) Q: Need Early Release/Late Entry Paperwork/Information?

A: See your counselor.

4) Q: Need Working Papers?

A: See Mrs. Mackay x1439

5) Q: Need Scholarship Information?

A: See Mrs. Beardslee x1039

6) Q: Need a transcript?

A: See Mrs. Beardslee x1039

7) Q: Need verification of full time enrollment?

A: See Mrs. Beardslee x 1039.
All requests for full-time enrollment will be directed to the records clerk. A letter will be typed and forwarded to the student’s counselor for review and signature. Examples of such a request are as follows:

-Social Services
-Verification of Graduation

8) Q: Need to request homework due to illness?

A: See Mrs. Hager x1036

9) Q: Need Mentoring or Service Learning information?

A: See. Mrs. Colosi. x1237

10) Q: Need information regarding your child's progress in a specific class?

A: Contact the classroom teacher.