Who Do I See?

1) Q: Do you have academic, college/career, and/or personal/social concerns?

A: See your counselor.

2) Q: What if a student needs tutoring?

A: See your classroom teacher - Students and/or parents inquiring about peer tutors need to be referred directly to the student's classroom teacher. The classroom teacher will find a student who excels in the subject matter and is willing to tutor another student. The coordination of the “tutoring” will be done through the classroom teacher.

3) Q: Need Early Release/Late Entry Paperwork/Information?

A: See Mrs. Cruger

4) Q: Need Working Papers?

A: See Mrs. Mackay x1439

5) Q: Need Scholarship Information?

A: See your counselor or visit our Scholarships page.

6) Q: Need a transcript?

A: See Mrs. Ager x1039

7) Q: Need verification of full time enrollment?

A: See Mrs. Ager x1039
All requests for full-time enrollment will be directed to the records clerk. A letter will be typed and forwarded to the student’s counselor for review and signature. Examples of such a request are as follows:

-Social Services
-Verification of Graduation

8) Q: Need to request homework due to illness?

A: Contact the classroom teacher.

9) Q: Need information regarding your child's progress in a specific class?

A: Contact the classroom teacher.