Grade Status

Grade Level




Credits Needed:



Must be able to meet graduation requirements by JUNE of that school year

Student's Grade Level

  • Students must have a minimum of 5 credits to be considered a sophomore (grade 10).

  • Students must have a minimum of 10 credits to be considered a junior (grade 11).

  • In order to be considered a senior (grade 12), students must be able to meet graduation requirements by JUNE of that school year.

Request to Graduate Early

Any student wishing to graduate prior to their commencement date (based on the year they entered ninth grade) must submit a request to their guidance counselor. The request must indicate when they wish to graduate and what their plans are immediately following. The request must have both the signature of the student and the parent/guardian.

Requests should be submitted to the student's guidance counselor no earlier than January of the student's sophomore year. Students will not be permitted to double-up core academics until they have completed their sophomore year.

Once approval has been granted, students will receive a letter of acknowledgement from the high school principal. 

Following approval, students will be able to participate in junior activities.

At the completion of the student's sophomore year, the student will be granted senior status. This means he/she will be included in senior class rank and average, will be able to take part in all senior activities (including senior trip), and will be eligible to participate in all graduation activities.

Potential August Graduation

Will be considered Junior Status.

Will have the option to participate in June's graduation ceremony the following school year (after successful completion of summer school).

Senior privileges (yearbook, courtyard, class trip, etc.) for the current school year will be determined on an individual basis by the senior class advisor and building principal.