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Welcome to Stanford J. Gibson Primary School! Our goal is to Connect, Inspire, and Empower each student to reach their fullest potential.  We provide a welcoming environment designed to promote student engagement, independence, and character building to all of our Little Twisters! The safety and happiness of each child is our first priority.  Our goal is to establish an environment that promotes a culture of student thinking and learning, while also educating the whole child.  Our faculty takes pride in the profound impact their facilitating skills have on the lives of our students.

Our Little Twisters will engage in the workshop model which allows academic growth through all tiers of learning in reading, writing and math.  The workshop model also provides opportunities for intervention and enrichment, and embodies what it means to be an independent thinker.  Students will also have opportunities to be active participants in inquiry based learning activities and will be given the tools and resources to become creative problem solvers.

In addition to the academic excellence and innovative practices, we pride ourselves in building strong character and community values.  Through daily social emotional learning, students will have opportunities to acquire skills and traits around kindness, courage, responsibility, honesty and empathy using an intentional social emotional curriculum.  Our mission is to empower students to carry their learning throughout their day, whether it be in the classroom, cafeteria, gym, on the playground, or at home.  Students will also participate in physical education, music and art classes.  Teachers and students will use technology, library services, social emotional resources and playground structures to enhance learning opportunities for all students. For students with varying needs, we provide additional reading, speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy and counseling services. Numerous special education settings are available to those students requiring an individual education plan.

We are committed to empowering the learning, confidence, and growth of the whole child as successful future community members.  We always welcome any parent involvement within our Little Twister Community.  Please call the main office at 607-334-1600 and we would be happy to assist you in any way.  Your support is always appreciated.