Jennifer Oliver, Stanford Gibson Primary School Principal

Stanford Gibson Primary Principal
Mrs. Jennifer Oliver
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Principal's Message

The 2020-2021 school year sure did fly by at Gibson Primary. Our Little Twisters were learning and growing faster than ever! In just a few short months into the year, our students were already implementing many building and district level initiatives. Our learners were always busy rising to the challenge and making us proud every step of the way!

Here is a re-cap of many of the great things that took place in our building last year. Every classroom in our building took part in daily tooth brushing - keeping our teeth clean and shiny while learning an important lesson on Dental Health. Our kindergarteners participated in a service learning activity, supporting our local SPCA with a supply drive. Second graders, and even some pre-k classrooms, practiced intentional acts of kindness, spreading love through our building and community with their thoughtful gestures - and singing voices! All students, pre-k through second grade, could be seen every day at Gibson Primary making great choices, filling each other’s buckets, and always helping our friends in need. 

Our teachers were busy as well, implementing daily class meetings, encouraging independent problem solving through number stories, teaching about Internet safety and digital citizenship, integrating science and social studies lessons into math and reading instruction - all while nurturing the social and emotional well-being of our students. More of our staff have trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Schools, giving them the tools to assist dysregulated students without escalating the situation and returning students to the instructional environment with minimal time lost. 

School counselors spent time in all our classrooms to teach valuable lessons on character development in addition to their individual and group counseling sessions. The district continued our partnership with Behavioral Health to offer counseling services to our students and families during the school day. We were also lucky enough to share a social worker with Perry Browne who pushes in to many of our classrooms to work with students on peer relationship building and expected classroom behavior. We have an amazing team here at Gibson Primary - everyone works together to provide our students with the appropriate services in the most effective way.  

We look forward to making a great new start in the fall at Gibson and are so excited for the upcoming school year! We hope that the year brings us closer to attaining our district vision of Creating a Culture of Student Thinking. As always, at Gibson Primary we focus on developing the whole child, creating a community of thinkers, problem solvers, readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, artists, musicians, and athletes who are kind, considerate, respectful, honest and compassionate human beings. We are so proud of our Little Twisters and the Tornadoes they are becoming!


Jennifer Oliver, Principal
Stanford Gibson Primary