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Welcome to the NMS Tornado Gaming Page!

NMS Tornado Gaming is a company organized by 7th graders involved in the middle school's Digital Citizenry and Technology classes.  Started in January 2015, the "company" is run under the collaborative supervision of Ms. Carpenter and Mr. Thomas.  Twice each year, they hold an "online bidding war" to sell pairs of cornhole gameboards to the highest bidders!

The Bidding War & Cornhole Games Sale
has officially ended as of Thursday, June 20. Highest Bidders will be notified today, and games can be picked up on Monday or Tuesday of next week (6/24-6/25). 

How does the project work?
Students involved in the construction portion of the project work with Mr. Thomas. Seventh graders work with a partner, and they build and design a pair of outdoor wooden cornhole games.  Each pair of gameboards constructed are 3' x 2' (feet) and include wooden stands that fold underneath each board.  Students choose the design and paint each unique set. 
Completed projects are currently on display in the Cornhole Games Photo Gallery that appears above.  
NOTE:  Games that are completed will be available for bid in the June Bidding War & Sale. 
Ms. Carpenter's Digital Citizenry Class is responsible for the marketing and sales of the projects. Her students use the school webpages to set up an "Online Bidding War" lasting for up to one week near the end of the 20-week marking period and again at the end of the school year. They also prepare letters for parents and marketing materials including a cornhole game brochure.  To communicate with bidders, Ms. Carpenter's class updates the webpage with the highest bids and uses an e-mail account to accept and reply to parents, staff and community members. Bids accepted are updated daily.  The June 2019 Bidding War will start on Monday, June 17, and will end on THURSDAY, June 20, at exactly 2pm. 
Please come back to the NMS Tornado Gaming webpage often to visit the Games Photo Gallery and view bidding updates. Final bids and sales will be announced online on Thursday afternoon, and game sets will also be available in the middle school for pick-up on Friday, June 21. 
Note:  Your bid includes 2 wooden game boards with stands.  It does not include bean bags.  
Instructions: How do you place a bid on a game?
*** Send your bid using the form at the bottom of this page.  You can also send questions or comments to the e-mail address that follows:  



Online Cornhole Bidding Form - June 2019
Please use this online form beginning Monday, June 17, to place a bid on any of our cornhole games that appear in the Photo Gallery.    

Click in the checkbox next to the name and number of the game boards that you would like to bid on. A checkmark will appear in the box for your selection. Some gameboards look similar; please make sure that you verify the game set number that appears in the photo gallery.

Is this your first time bidding?
How much would you like to bid on the cornhole set selected? (The minimum bid is $25. If you are using this form to submit a "higher" bid, it is suggested to use an amount between $1 and $10).
Your Name:
Your Email:

To validate your submission, please answer the following math problem:

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